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I have a thing about dishes.  I know I need to do them before I go to bed each night so that I can wake up to a clean kitchen (which starts the whole day off right).  But I will do anything to avoid them.  Often I find myself standing in the kitchen, surveying the mess, and just sighing.  Heavily.  I thought I had cured the problem by putting speakers in the kitchen and listening to music while I wash, but still something was missing. When winter hit and my hands began their annual slide into dryness I thought perhaps what I was missing was gloves.  And lo and behold, after a quick search on Etsy (which is my typical time waster when I am avoiding doing the dishes) I came across these awesome gloves from Fresh Studio.  I am in love.  They are cute. They fit well.  They keep my arms covered up to my elbows.  My hands aren’t the chapped and bleeding mess they used to be.  Did I mention how cute they are?And, at least for now, dishes aren’t my Everest each day.


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  1. Ah so *this* is the secret! I’ll be ordering a pair for Kyle right away! 😉


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