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It’s hard to wait

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Tea has difficulty understanding  time.  Everything in the past is either “yesterday” or “two months ago”.  Everything in the future is “tomorrow”.  Since he’s obsessing looking forward to lots of great adventures (and the arrival of the Easter Bunny), he has been driving me crazy with incessant questioning about if it’s time to: visit Grandma Cookie, see if “The Rabbit” brought chocolate, go see friends, etc etc.  I hear him say “it’s hard to wait” at least 8 thousand times each day.

So we made a paper chain calendar and pasted symbols on various links.  A book for library days.  Stars for playing with friends.  Cars (and airplanes!) for upcoming trips.  I think he might be starting to get it now.  Each morning we’ll tear off a link and be that much closer to The Rabbit.

The colors corresponds to the Thai color of the day.  I stole this idea from Courtney, who should share what they do with this.

Tea is a little skeptical about the finished project.  He wants to know why it doesn’t have chocolate in it (like his Advent calendar) and why it doesn’t buzz.


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  1. Love this idea!! (but, yeah, clearly it should buzz, duh) How do you get Tea to not rip them all at once? Is it just because he listens to you unlike Pia listens to me? And how do you take such crisp, clear pictures? I clearly need a tutorial on how to use Jim’s camera. I don’t know how to get the pictures off his camera and on to the computer, so I end up using my little camera (which also happens to be your little camera… do we really have the exact same two cameras? spooky.

    as an aside, yesterday I overheard Pia saying (while playing a solo game of red light, green light) “my friend Robin said it is okay to go fast”. you have entered a new level where you are no longer a random adult, but her friend. please let me know all the secrets she tells you when she is 16.

    • The calendar is currently hanging out of Tea’s reach unless it’s time to tear off a link. I think once he’s had it a few more days, the desire to destroy it will subside and I’ll leave it down low for him.

      As for the pictures, thanks, but I don’t know what I’m doing. I just play until it looks right. (Both with the camera and on the computer.)

      Yes, we are total camera twins. Spooky indeed…

      I am *so* impressed that Pia can play RLGL by herself! Does she have the edge because she knows when she’s going to make herself stop? Or does she send herself back to the start often? I need to see this.

      Sadly, I will be bound by a pact of friendship with your daughter never to divulge her teenage secrets to you. But let’s be honest – you won’t really want to know anyway, right?


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