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and the house now smells like cumin

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While looking for something in the cupboard this morning (what that was I have no idea now) I found a tin full of old spices.  The little baggies cried out to me… use us for something fun! Always up for a little kitchen chemistry, I started boiling and mixing up possible dyes for Easter eggs.  I chose cumin, paprika, red tea, boiled spinach, and a can of sweet red cherries that had been loitering in the dark corner of the cupboard for far too long.  I heated them all up and added some vinegar to strengthen the dye.  My eager assistant set to work dying a dozen eggs.

We set our faithful pig timer for 3 minutes and I hoped that my little science experiment wouldn’t disappoint. Edit – after some poking around on the internet I discovered that when using natural dyes to dye Easter eggs you are supposed to let them soak for about 30 minutes, so that could be part of our problem. Here are the results:

From left to right: cherries, cumin, paprika, red tea (the boiled spinach didn’t work at all… come to think of it, it might not have been spinach).  As you can see, the results aren’t exactly spectacular, but I think they are pretty.  I really like the lavender from the canned cherries.  Pia wasn’t exactly wowed by the color explosion, but it was the end result that she was really looking forward to, the rehearsal egg hunt in the backyard.


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  1. Psssttt……Pia! Over here…wait, lean in close so you can hear me whisper, but look away so your mom doesn’t notice you talking to me…good…now, stop over to our house and you can dye eggs with us using synthetic, evil chemicals…they are SO PRETTY!

    Ahem, ah, Hi Courtney! Nope, nothing going on over here. Wow, those eggs are just stunning! You know, you should have tried the “Creole” seasoning that turned out to be solid cayenne pepper, since it obviously failed as an addition to chili. 😉


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