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In two weeks I am hosting a baby shower for a friend, so there is a flurry of activity here trying to sew all sorts of things for the occasion.  Tonight I made napkins, which sounds totally boring, but are quite satisfying to make.  I knew I wanted double-sided napkins in an assortment of patterns, but when I cut out the squares last night at sewing club I ended up with a variety that I wasn’t wild about.  I blame this mostly on my so-called friends who were harassing me about my schooling dilemma (merits of private vs. public, much too lengthy and complicated to get into here and at much too late of an hour as well) and therefore distracting me from focusing on color theory. I jest, of course.  But tonight, with a clear head upon my shoulders I was able to select colors and whip up a set of napkins for the shower.  I think the colors and the patterns say ‘happy!’ and therefore I am as well.  I plan to tuck the silverware in the pocket that is created by folding the napkin in half and then thirds, showing off both fabric patterns, like this:


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  1. Perfect perfect perfect! Where did that yellow come from? You were holding out on us. If you’d showed us the yellow we could have immediately steered you in that direction and devoted even more attention to the merits of public schools.

    And my, sewing is so much faster alone, isn’t it? But not half as enjoyable.

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