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I’m afraid I just used up all my Easy Trip karma

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We took the longest car trip of Tea’s career this weekend: 6.5 hours of solid driving each way – not including stops.  While Tea tolerates our trips to the grandparents, we’re he’s often reaching our his limit by the end of a 4 hour journey.  So I was a little nervous, but prepared.

In addition to the bucket of toys and books he has access to in the car, I brought along goodies he’d never seen before:

  • a blank hardcover journal (with “t” on the cover) for him to destroy use at will
  • crayons
  • stickers
  • lacing cards
  • finger puppets
  • snacks

I was prepared to sing and dance and distract my way through 4 states, but in the end, Tea entertained Kyle and I instead.

He is infatuated with TRAINS! and AIRPLANES! and let me tell you, driving through Chicago was more exciting than Christmas morning.  On the way home, I didn’t break out a single treat (apart from coffee crackers).  He was thrilled enough with the view out the window and the new discovery that he can record original ditties on his phone to play back for us.

So I am not complaining, but I feel a little uneasy.  Today was supernaturally simple – and fun!  Being that we’re planning a trip that involves transatlantic flight in May, I can’t help but fear that we already lucked out with our one and only easy trip, and he’s doomed to fidget and tantrum all the way to Belgium.  Or?  He’s a stellar traveler and we have to hit the road more often.  I’m fervently crossing my fingers that it’s the latter.


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  1. I really do hope it’s the latter! The Daddy Song is absolutely fantastic – Kyle must have been thrilled. At least the first 80 times. 🙂

    • Hey Mer, What the heck are you doing awake at this hour? You’re supposed to be responsibly cooking my future niece/nephew. Go to sleep! But thanks for commenting because everyone knows that all the coolest people leave comments.

  2. Ah, Pia now gets to watch her beloved Tea on the computer. We have watched the video a dozen times and each time she waves to him at the end. And then asks where her (nonexistent) cell phone is. I’m glad your trip went well! I think it means you must travel much, much more… in an easterly direction about one hour.


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