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I’m thinking of a number between one and ten…

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First and foremost, I want to be very clear  – I don’t believe in this stuff.

Secondly, as a reader you must know that in this post, all parentheticals were thought by me, but left unspoken.

Tea might have ESP.  Please refer back to the first sentence.

I first noticed this possible connection between my brain and his one morning in January.  I was reading a blog post by a quirky young New York artist who used chalk to color footprints along the sidewalk outside her building.  She then sat in her apartment and photographed passersby who interacted with the colorful chalk.  It was cute, and it made me smile to read it.

As I read, Tea said “I want sidewalk chalk, Mama.  Can we play with sidewalk chalk?”

OK, big deal.  Except that he was sitting on the other side of my laptop.  Facing away, even.  And it was January.  And we hadn’t used, discussed, or seen any sidewalk chalk in 3 months – our driveway was buried with show.

I am a logical, scientific person by nature.  This was absolutely a coincidence.

Until it happened again.  And again.

But then it was still a coincidence.  Just a more and more entertaining one.  And I realized that perhaps all of the times he seemed to read my mind were just cases of me becoming hyperaware of any sort of relation of what I was thinking to what he said.  I was probably seeing it just because I was looking.

So last night I set up a test as we were snuggling in to bed.  Please refer back to point number 2 above.

Me:  Tea, what letter am I thinking of? (k…K…k…K…k…K…k)

Tea:  I don’t know.

Me:  Just try.  What letter is Mama thinking about?  (K…k…K…k…K…K…k)

Tea:  Ummm…I don’t know.

Me:  OK, that’s alright.  It was a “K”.  No big deal.  Now, what animal am I thinking about?  (WALRUS!  WALRUS!  WALRUS!!!)

Tea:  A Bear!

Kyle:  Wow, you have confidence in that one!

Me:  It was a walrus, but no worries.  Good job.  Now how about a color.  (PURPLE PRUPLE PURPLE PURPLE)  What (PURPLE) color (PURPLE) am (PURPLE) I (PURPLE) thinking (PURPLE) about (PURPLE)?


Kyle:  You didn’t hesitate at all, buddy!  You must really know that one!

Me:  I was thinking about Purple, Tea, but no problem.  Now, just one more.  I’m thinking about a food.  Which food am I thinking about?  (Pudding.)

Tea:  TOAST!

Me:  Great try, Tea.  Thanks for playing with me.  I was thinking about pudding.  Good night.  I love you.  Sweet dreams.  (Well, that settles it.  I didn’t really think he could read my mind anyway.  But wouldn’t that have been fun?  We could have traveled with the circus to the great cities of the world.  COME ONE AND ALL!!  STEP RIGHT UP AND SEE THE AMAZING MIND-READING TODDLER GUESS WHICH NUMBER HIS MOM IS THINKING ABOUT!  Oh yeah, people would pay big bucks to see him yell out FOUR!   Thrilling stuff!)

Tea: Four!

Me:  WHAT did you just say?

Tea:  Nothing.

Me:  No really, WHAT?  Did you just say, um…Kyle, did YOU hear him?

Kyle:   I’m trying to sleep over here.

Me: But…Tea, what was it you said, sweetie?  Really.  Please tell me again?

Tea:  Four.

Me:  Why “four”, honey?

Tea: I dunno.

So is he just messing with me or what?


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  1. My youngest and my oldest both do that stuff to me, and it’s when we least expect it. They always figure something out like that. I think it’s like calling someone when they need a friend and you didn’t know anything was wrong. Or giving someone a hug when they had a bad day and you didn’t’ know they did and needed a hug at that moment in time! It’s a great feeling isn’t to be that connected! Gotta love kids!

  2. Perhaps I can hire Tea as a pet psychic for Darwin. I feel if I can just get in touch with his innermost thoughts then I can cure his neurosis about food and children. Maybe Tea is already having telepathic conversations with Darwin, hence the love/hate relationship. I will be studying Tea much more closely at our next playdate, thinking very hard in his direction.

  3. Maybe there’s a reason Tea is nervous around Dez… It’s probably good that I can’t read Dez’s thoughts most of the time. This would also explain Tea’s amazing math skills while playing pass the pigs.


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