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maybe this is a bad idea

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The shower we are hosting in a week is really a shower for the soon-to-be big sister as well as the soon-to-be mother of two.   We thought it would be fun to honor the 3-year-old who will soon step into the very important role of big sister instead of the role she has had for the past 3 years, the role of “sun, moon, stars,and universe” to her parents.   So, at the shower she will be crowned “big sister” and have to take the big sister oath (all big sisters have to take that, right?).  I made this crown following the pattern in Soule Mama’s book the Creative Family.  It was so much fun to do (I really need to do more needlework) that I think I need to make dozens more.

I wonder if associating Big Sisterdom with royalty might lead to problems down the road for the little sibling.  Hmmm.  My big sisters were always benevolent and kind to me, so surely all big sisters are sweet all the time to the younger sibling who stole their limelight?


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  1. Oh yes, big sisters are always benevolent. Mer, remember how I begged you to comment so it felt like someone was reading this? You can skip this post.


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