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This is what was missing

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I have a thing about dishes.  I know I need to do them before I go to bed each night so that I can wake up to a clean kitchen (which starts the whole day off right).  But I will do anything to avoid them.  Often I find myself standing in the kitchen, surveying the mess, and just sighing.  Heavily.  I thought I had cured the problem by putting speakers in the kitchen and listening to music while I wash, but still something was missing. When winter hit and my hands began their annual slide into dryness I thought perhaps what I was missing was gloves.  And lo and behold, after a quick search on Etsy (which is my typical time waster when I am avoiding doing the dishes) I came across these awesome gloves from Fresh Studio.  I am in love.  They are cute. They fit well.  They keep my arms covered up to my elbows.  My hands aren’t the chapped and bleeding mess they used to be.  Did I mention how cute they are?And, at least for now, dishes aren’t my Everest each day.


A Room for Baby George

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My sister, who was, perhaps, temporarily insane due to pregnancy, agreed to let me decorate her new baby’s nursery.  Baby George has now moved into his new digs after spending the first few months of his life in a bassinet in his parents room, so I figured now is a good time to share some pictures of what I did in his room.

The walls in the room were grey to begin with, so I chose a blue/turquoise-ish and cherry red palette for the items I made for the room.  The first thing you notice when you come in the room are the two big trees that my husband cut out from a sheet of plywood and painted white.  They stand out about 1″ from the wall and the branches can be used to hang clothes or cute things.  One tree has a hole cut out in the middle so I sewed a little owl to hang out in it.I made a quilted shade for the window, both for warmth during cold nights and to keep out the light from the street.  Beneath the window I made a series of 3 Kidlet bags from the pattern on JCasa handmade (such cool bags she dreamt up, I really should have them all over my house. hmmm.)  They didn’t turn out as nice and stiff as hers because I was to lazy to venture out and get the right type of interfacing, but they still work well for stowing little trinkets like stuffed animals and other teeny tiny baby things.

George is the 3rd boy in my sister’s family, so I went with a 3 theme in the room.  The #3 pot on the above shelf and the big metal number 3 are from Anthropologie.  In the frame is a picture of the two older boys standing by my sister’s very pregnant belly, on the right side of the frame there is space to put a picture of the 3 boys including George outside of the womb.  Between the two pictures I have the lyrics to “3 is a Magic Number”.

My favorite part of the room is this bird mobile above the crib.  I made the birds from this pattern from Spool.  It took some balancing and planning by my engineer husband to get it to hang right, but now it twirls in the air perfectly.  Hanging below the mobile is an old slide frame with words from a Bruce Springsteen song (“sleep tight, my child, sleep well for I’ll be at your side, that no shadow, no darkness, no tolling bell, shall pierce your dreams tonight” from Jesus Was an Only Son).  I love using old slide frames for things.  Mental note: future post on the myriad ways to use slide frames. To the left of the birds are a series of embroidery hoops that I picked up at St. Vinnys and put fun fabrics in.

With that project finished I am on to plotting a shower for my pregnant friend which involves making lots and lots of things for the new baby’s room.  Is there anything more fun than dreaming up cute baby room ideas?


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Either the birds around here have suddenly gone crazy with activity, or I’m just noticing it because I’m finally making my way out of winter hibernation.  Either way, Tea is busy stalking the birds around the yard with tiny but high marching steps. The robins are his favorite because he can get the closest to them before they fly off.

Today I took some hand sewing outside with me to work on while watching him.  I’m really loving the increase in independence he has outdoors compared to last fall.  He’s happy to amuse himself as long as I’m within sight.

When I was finished, I hung the thread snippets in the bushes for the birds.  If we’re lucky, we’ll have some colorful nests soon.


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Ah, the first post on a minty fresh and new blog.  Where to begin?  Perhaps by way of introduction and explanation.  What is a domestic wormhole, exactly?  I have this vision in my head of convincing Robin, my dear friend and co-author on this blog, to move in next door and we could spend our days sewing, gardening, cooking, knitting, and parenting together.  Currently, however, we live 50 miles apart and don’t get to spend nearly enough time together.  So, this wormhole, a shortcut through space and time, will allow us to share with each other (and all of our dear readers) all of our domestic successes and failures.