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Today’s artistic endeavor was a team effort.  Tea and Pia played together nicely and sweetly and away from our work table while Robin and I tried to put together a pretty cool (or so we think) shower present for our friend.  Tea and Pia’s contribution to this project can not be emphasized enough, for without their (and their friends’) initial art work, and without their ability to play nicely for 6 hours straight today this would never have been accomplished.

Ever since I saw this from Sarah Jane Studios over a year ago I’ve been wanting to do a similar thing as I thought they were the coolest thing ever.  Since the shower we are throwing is a mom and kid shower I thought it would be fun to present our friend with a gallery of art work from the kids in our playgroup.  First we started with having each kid choose a fruit and decide what color that fruit should be and then paint a piece of mat board in those colors.  Here are Tea and Pia hard at work at their masterpieces.


We had the other 3 kids in our playgroup do the same thing at home with their mamas.  After all of the artwork had been submitted I set to work with an x-acto blade trying to cut out the different fruit shapes.  I quickly started cursing the project. Then I switched to scissors.  The cursing continued.  I wished for the five zillionith time that Robin lived next door so that I could call her over despite the late hour and salvage the project. Instead I went to bed annoyed and figured I could wait two more days until I saw her next at which point we could decide to scrap the project or forge ahead. Today she arrived on her white horse and saved the day.  She is wicked awesome with an x-acto blade and she made Pia’s orange Chazen-worthy.

With all our fruit cut out I lettered the sides: one orange, two lemons, three clementines, four limes, and five strawberries. I think I spelled them all correctly. We stuck on the fruit with some double-sided foam tape, and Robin, being the perfectionist and the one less likely to have cat hair floating about her being, tackled the framing.  After each one was framed we screamed giddy little screams and danced happy little dances as they turned out better than we had imagined.

Thank you to our five little artists!  I don’t have a picture of the other members of the playgroup with their artwork, but here are Tea and Pia showing off their work (and in Pia’s case, a very fake smile).


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