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“A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen”

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I am not a cook.  My lovely husband has done the majority of the cooking over the course of our decade-long relationship.  He is an excellent cook, one of those rare types who can head into the kitchen with seemingly nothing in the pantry and emerge 15 minutes later with a dazzling meal.  It didn’t bother me that he was the main chef back when we were both working, but now that I am a stay-at-home mama it has begun to nag at me, like I am somehow less of a wife, less of a mother, because I expect (for lack of a better word) him to make dinner for our little family after working at the office all day.  When a friend good-natured-ly asked me if Jim knew he would be the head chef when we got married, I decided to make a plan to remedy this situation.

Enter Robin, where all good plans and ideas begin.  Months ago she had mentioned the cookbook “A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen” by Jack Bishop and said she was loving almost all the recipes in it.  I checked it out of my trusty local library and I love that it bases the recipes on the seasons and what ingredients are most readily available during those months.  I rest all my hopes of becoming a cook on this cookbook.  And because I can’t just try something, I have to make grandiose plans and therefore plan to try every recipe in the book (which may require purchasing the book at some point).  So here goes!  Tonight’s meal: Curried Carrot-Apple Soup with Golden Tofu Cubes.  Amazingly delicious.


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  1. Mmm…I’m going to have to put that on my list to try. I have so many questions. Was the apple OK in the soup? Did you fry the tofu? Did Pia like it? Why didn’t we stay for dinner?

    While this is my very favorite cookbook, you are far more adventurous than I to aim for making every recipe. Do you have a time limit?

  2. Despite my initial reaction to the written recipe (which was, I believe, “it sounds disgusting”) I really liked the apple in the soup. I fried the tofu, but since I don’t have a non-stick pan it didn’t really turn out well. I mean, it tasted yummy, but it wasn’t that crispy like it should have been. I couldn’t recall your baked tofu instructions as I was distracted when you were telling them to me (can’t imagine why). Can you repeat them for me? Pia didn’t even try the soup, though she put the tofu in a plastic wine glass and ate that.

    I should have a time limit. It would be based on some complicated math equation like number of recipes + number of nights Jim wants to cook + number of nights I choose to put in a frozen pizza + number of family holidays, etc. It is looking like 12 years.

    Does ginger have caffeine in it??? I can’t sleep!!!! And Pia coughed twice tonight in her sleep so I am blaming you when she comes down with pneumonia from walking in the rain in her flip flops.

    • Baked tofu: Preheat oven to 350F. Lightly oil a cookie sheet. Place small cubes of tofu on sheet and bake 15 minutes. Flip with sharp spatula. Bake another 15 minutes. Delicious!

      I think you can’t sleep because you’re so excited about all the fantastic meals you’re going to prepare.

      Pia getting pneumonia from flip flops in icy rain? Hogwash! Plus, it was her idea, so you’re free from guilt. It’s love and logic, right?

  3. I looked up this book on Amazon, and it looked so good that I immediately went to the library’s website to request it, only to find that our library system only has one copy — which is listed as checked out, and which I’m assuming was checked out by you. SO, true friend that I am, I refrained from requesting it so that you aren’t limited to only three weeks of fabulous vegetarian cooking. You can thank me later :), but please keep blogging about the recipes you try. That way once I someday check out the book, I can immediately cross out the ones you thought were bad. Win-win for everyone!


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