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Yesterday was quite a day.  Pia woke up in the sweetest mood and we cuddled and talked about funny things before getting up to start the day.  That was the high point and things seemed to unravel from there.  By late afternoon I found myself in a tug-of-war with my darling 4-year-old over my latest knitting project which she had yanked away from me and was jabbing fiercely with a dowel rod.  A couple seconds into the tug-of-war I remembered I was the adult in the situation and let go of the knitting, hoped for the best, and promptly got hit over the head with the aforementioned dowel rod.  Alas.

As luck would have it, I have a superhero friend named Jill who arrived moments later with a pan of bread that “we” had made earlier that day (we is in quotes because Jill made the dough, the kids shaped the dough, Jill baked the bread and I sat on a kitchen stool the whole time getting to enjoy the always enjoyable Jill conversations and had nothing to do with the actual bread making).  The bread was still warm and had been frosted (did I mention Jill is a superhero?) and Jill advised that I put myself into a sugar coma to endure the rest of the day.  Excellent advice.  I ate half the bread while Pia discovered (claimed?) she didn’t like frosting which freed up even more bread for me to eat.  The rest of the day went quite smoothly.  Thanks Jill!


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  1. YUM that looks awesome! You are so lucky that Pia doesn’t have a sweet tooth! Tea was begging me tonight for the last of *my* Easter candy because he already polished off his. And, as the adult in that situation, I calmly said “no” and ate the candy myself. =P


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