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Vegetarian Kitchen Recipe #3

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Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Asparagus and Eggs, page 44

3 stars and Pia ate three helpings (after some complaining about it tasting “icky”)

The mediocre rating might not be entirely fair as I was missing one key ingredient, tamarind pulp, which was supposed to make the noodles sweet, spicy and sour (and not entirely fair as we had company over and we ate every last bit of the meal, so it’s not like it was bad). It is somewhat surprising that we didn’t have tamarind pulp on hand as I think we have every other Thai sauce and seasoning possible.  In the future I might revisit this recipe if I stumble upon tamarind pulp at our Thai-Asian Market.


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  1. If you end up in Madison, they have tamarind paste at Yue-Wah Oriental Foods (on Park St. just off the beltline). I’ve used it in my henna before, so I’m sure they’ve got it there. Plus, it’s just a fun market to visit – everything from Japanese to Thai to Indian to Mexican. Quite the spread.

  2. Bethney Pickhardt

    LOVE the blog Courtney and Robin! And I’m sure Perry will too once my time nursing George is spent reading this instead of making random, unnecessary purchases online. The only bad thing about this blog is that it makes me realize how pathetic my life really is. Never been geocaching…my photos of food never make anyone’s mouth water…barely have time to smile at George while changing his diaper, let alone do something interesting enough to blog about. Oh well, I’ll live viacariously through you two 🙂

    Courtney, when are you coming here to cook some of these fabulous meals? I’d even take down the trampoline so Piya isn’t tempted. Can you post the recipes or is that some sort of copyright infringement? If you can, please do because they look so yummy!


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