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Vegetarian Kitchen Recipe #4

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Tortilla Soup

4 stars and Pia ate two helpings (though the second one ended up being involved in some sort of science experiment).  For the record I thought this was incredibly tasty, but Jim gives out the stars and I think he needs something with a little more wow factor to deserve 5 stars.


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  1. I find it curious that I’ve made half of the recipes in the book and you still haven’t tried something we’ve eaten. I wonder how long this will continue…Do we have different taste in foods?

  2. I think it is just because I’m starting in the spring section and, as a purist, have not ventured out of this season 🙂 Though perhaps we do have different tastes in food. You like tapioca for instance, which is totally, totally weird. Which reminds me, you brought a tapioca dessert the other day for the kids to make and we never did it. What happened? How did we get distracted from something as important as dessert?

  3. Tapioca is one of the best comfort foods on the planet. Clearly, your mother did not do her job. (Sorry, Mrs. G. if you’re reading this. I jest.) I have no idea how we were distracted by 2 tornado children. But I can’t promise that dessert is going to last until we’re both together near a kitchen again…

  4. One of you should email me to remind me to send you Ewan’s tortilla soup recipe. It’s a modification (of course) of our friend Laura’s famous version, and is one of the most fantastic soups I’ve ever tasted. But, like I said, you’ll have to email me to remind me, because at this point I can’t even remember to feed/bathe myself. It’s a good thing Mom is coming to help today!


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