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Today was the day of our ‘big sister/mom-of-two-to-be’ shower. There are so many opportunities for crafty goodness at a shower that covering the whole event will be a multi-post job.  Tonight’s focus: the food.  Or, really, the presentation of the food.

Since this was a mom and kids shower the adults got to eat properly at a nicely set table while we made the kids sit on the floor. Really just an excuse to use the rarely used china, in this case my grandma’s china (her back-up china… my sister got the good china, being older, wiser and more beautiful).

I have already covered the tale of the napkins. The fruit as place card is an idea I know I’ve seem somewhere before, but can’t remember where.  It was thrilling to lay silver pen to limes, lemons and oranges.  Yes.  Thrilling.  The silvery liquid-y paint-like-ink on the leathery texture of the citrus? Exquisite.  I highly recommend it.

The tulip centerpiece was courtesy of Pia.  I am not a freak about my garden. I typically don’t mind if Pia picks the flowers.  I grow flowers in abundance so there are usually enough to fulfill the whims of my daughter.  But tulips.  They are so few and so fleeting in my garden that I like to leave them standing.  At least the ones along the front walk.  Alas, Pia picked a bouquet of tulips, all with seemingly useless two inch stems.  I popped them in these old mini wine bottles that I had saved and they ended up looking quite cute.  Even cuter than a normal bouquet would have, I think. Or that is what I am telling myself so I don’t feel quite so bad about the fact that my daughter never listens to me.  Like when I tell her to not pick the tulips.

As for the kids, they got to sit on the floor with these boxed lunches.  We saved a bunch of old cereal boxes and my husband cut the sides of them to make flip-up lids. Pia lined the insides with cupcake liners and Robin filled the liners with finger foods.

This way the kids could eat on the floor without having to balance a plate on their knees and all the food stayed contained in the box.  The kids thought they were pretty cool and actually stuck around to eat for a while, instead of eating two bites and then heading back outside to play.  As you can see, Tea was very interested in his lunch. The best part was that after the kids were done eating the whole box could be tossed into the compost bin, because (with the exception of the cheese) the food, the liner and the box can all be composted.

For dessert we had boston cream pie cupcakes.  I’m embarrassed to admit that the recipe is basically a list of packaged goods mixed together, but, well, they tasted good.

Tomorrow I’ll post about gifts and goody bags and ephemera.  I’ve always wanted to use that word.


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  1. You did it! It was an awesome shower and you’re a creative genius!

    The tulips on short stems looked just like you’d planned them that way all along. And why does seeing my name on a lime make me feel so happy? It does…

    You now have – ahem – cheese in you your compost bin. I removed the waxy juice boxes (and uneaten starburts =) ) but didn’t know cheese wasn’t compostable – we’ve always thrown ours in. Sorry! You just can’t get good help anymore…

    Tea wants to share his thoughts on yesterday as well: hhjjjjjjjjv bg
    (“I love you, Courtney. I ate a cupcake. I hope I’m coming back again sometime and I’m gonna like Darwin and Hale and I’m gonna eat with Jim.”)

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