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Vegetarian Kitchen Recipe #5 and #6

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Warm Flageolet Bean Salad with Goat Cheese-Olive Toasts

Maybe this is cheating. Jim made this meal. Can I still count it against my total?

4 stars and Pia ate the bean salad but scraped the goat cheese off the bread. There must be something about the pairing of the bean salad and the olive toasts, because we had just the leftover olive toasts the next night and they weren’t nearly as good. Or maybe it was because we ate the original meal out on the porch and the ambiance enhanced the meal.

Spaghetti with Crispy Browned Artichokes

I now have the deepest respect for the canned artichoke people. They are doing a great, great service for society. Fresh artichokes? Total hassle.

2 stars and Pia didn’t eat any because she fell asleep at 5:00 (!!). My deepest apologies, Mr. Bishop, on the low rating. I am certain it has to do with my own issues and not your recipe. The meal was actually quite delicious, but the labor involved in the peeling and preparing and slicing and lemon juicing and scooping of the choke and rinsing of the fuzzy hairs and on and on of the artichoke took away from the true potential of the meal. Plus, I clearly didn’t peel away enough of the outer layer of the artichoke because many of my artichokes were tough, not crispy. An odd food, the artichoke.


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  1. What is a flagolet and how did you find one?


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