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I used to get the great magazine “Wondertime” and when it went under (sniff, sniff) they sent us subscribers “Family Fun” magazine instead.  Family Fun seems to be geared to older kids, whereas Wondertime was all about the blissful preschool years. But the May issue of Family Fun had lots of cool, seemingly age-appropriate-for-a-4-year-old craft ideas and we have done a few of them this week.

One of the projects was originally on maya*made, making monsters by blowing paint. Pia, Jim, and I all had fun blowing paint with straws to make cool designs on the paper. Well, I mostly had fun, when I wasn’t watching Pia worrying that she would accidently suck in instead of blow out and end up with a mouth full of paint. Of course she never did end up ingesting paint, instead she ended up with a paint streak across her face which is actually the norm around here. The best part of this project was that it led me to maya*made, which is a fabulous blog and I’m not sure why I wasn’t a follower before.

Another project from Family Fun was pounded flower prints. We did this with our playgroup, inside, on the kitchen table which was loud. But, wow, such a fun thing to do. The kids had a ball pounding away with hammers and at least two of the moms (okay, I was one of the two) ended up doing a little pounding of their own since the effects were so cool. Some of the hammers were too heavy for the kids so they used metal ice cream scoops and metal ladles which worked just as well. And only one child managed to hit herself with a hammer. In the chin no less. We used violets, dandelions and pansies to make our prints. The dandelions basically looked like big yellow smudges, but the violets and pansies (as seen below) turned out very clear. How had I never done this very addictive craft before? (Perhaps because on some level it just feels angry, to be pounding pretty flowers with a hammer.  hmmmm.)

Lastly, Pia and I made birds out of paper circles (curly birds, which now that I looked it up was in the March issue). In theory it seemed simple to do, but ended up being a bit hard for a 4-year-old level of dexterity. I had to assist and explain each step to her which sort of sucks the creativity out of any project. But we did end up with three cute little birds who are now hanging out in our backyard.


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  1. We did the flower pounding again today with my neice. She ended up just sprinkling lots of the flowers on the paper and pounding them all with the bottom of a metal ice cream scoop, without the paper towel on top. It ended up looking like a splattering of color, but very cool. They liked the pounding part and that way then didn’t have to think about aiming so much at the one flower tucked under the paper. They just pounded away, scraped off the petals and then we cut the paper into post card sized prints to mount on top of colored card paper of their choice. All five grandmas that we’ll see on Sunday now have Mother’s Day cards! Thanks for the idea!

  2. I love the shot of Pia and Jim – I bet paint tastes good, anyway. It must, it’s so colorful! The birds are cute – will you really leave them outside to the elements?


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