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Good advice is made to be ignored

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I once heard a great rule of thumb regarding the number of kids to invite to birthday parties – invite as many children as the age your child is celebrating.  So Tea’s upcoming party should have 3 attendees.  But I just couldn’t decide to exclude either of his playgroups, and throwing two parties would clearly be insane, so I am doing the only reasonably thing – I am inviting ten children to my home next Wednesday.

I am not afraid.  I am not afraid.  I am not afraid.


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  1. So, when should we drop Sid off? Just kidding! But think on this: my friend recently had a 5th bday for her daughter at a bowling alley. They invited her preK class, and ALL of them came. With sibs, parents, etc…and some mom just dropped her kid off!! Four years old!! For Sid’s bday, Todd and I are taking him to the zoo. No offense to all his friends, but maybe next year. I’m still recovering from the bowling party…

  2. I’ll be afraid for you.


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