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I had intended to join the fun in Elsie Marley‘s kid’s clothes challenge and sew for one hour each day this week.  Alas, that didn’t quite happen, but I did manage to whip up matching outfits for two cute little girls over the last couple days.  I credit this to Oliver + S‘s great tutorial for their lazy days skirt, which was so simple and stitched up in a flash.  Of course I chose fabric that was much too see-through and created twice if not three times the amount of work for myself since I ended up adding another layer of fabric and making the skirts reversible.  But since the initial skirts went together so quickly it didn’t seem like much extra work. Once the skirts were done I felt they needed matching tops.  I had some cream ribbing that I sewed a tube out of and attached pink straps to make insta-tank tops. They are a little Ryan-Atwood-1st-season-O.C.-ish, but as they took about 20 minutes to make I can’t complain.  And I love Ryan Atwood, so what’s not to like?

Hot off the sewing machine (I don’t think I even clipped all the threads) we raced over to Pia’s friend’s house so the girls could try on their matching outfits.  There were many squeals of delight and much dancing around as they posed for a photo op.

My friend has the perfect backyard for taking pictures. I will have to remember this for future fashion shows.

I think I’ll be making a dozen more of these lazy days skirts now that I know which fabrics work better and that I need to make the elastic much, much tighter so the skirt stays on during dancing fashion shows.


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  1. My eyes! The cuteness is blinding!
    What is it about little girl’s clothes? Thank goodness I now have a niece or I might have started making Tea wear dresses…sort of like this: 😉


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