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In our somewhat small (under 1000 square feet) house we are constantly having to fight the clutter.  Perhaps this is a challenge in all houses no matter the size, it just seems to consume our house wicked fast… if I skip a day of picking up then the clutter breeds overnight. As I often complain to my sister, it seems I spend the majority of my day shuffling objects from one place to another.  And this seems like a poor way to live. So, I need solutions!!!  I am considering a mandatory purge of 50% of the objects in our house. The purge along with pretty things to store the remaining objects could be my answer.

For the latter part of the solution I turned to Etsy, where all good things come from. Looking for fabric bins to put in the cubbies by our front door I stumbled upon Sewing Momma who makes fabulous bins in delicious fabrics. I asked her if she would make custom bins to fit our cubbies, she said yes, and a mere few weeks later the bins arrived at my door and slipped right into my cubbies.  They make me happy.

And they contain about half of a percent of the clutter.  Any ideas for the other 99.5%?


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  1. If you find any solutions, please do share them. My current method is piling everything extraneous into the sewing room – so guess how much room I currently have for sewing. I am beginning to think that moving into a smaller house is the only answer – if I’m not forced to pare down, I have a really hard time letting go of things that *might* be useful in the future.


    Ooh Those are cute. I am going to be checking out her site!

  3. OOoh I love the way they look! Thanks so much!


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