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We went to the high school track yesterday, which is always a treat.  I grew up in Madison and our high school kept the track locked up when not in use, so it seems so cool that the track here is always open for anyone to use. The best part about yesterday’s track visit was that I just got to lie on the warm track taking pictures while Pia and Jim did all the running.

After running a 100 with her daddy and then watching while he ran a 400, Pia decided she wanted to run a 400 alone. This ended up being a very strange feeling for me as she was on the far side of the track, all alone, and I realized this was the farthest she has ever been away from me. She looked so little.

Jim is a former steeplechaser so he took a spin on the hurdles.

This led to major coveting on Pia’s part and then major disappointment when all the hurdles were too big for her. So we headed home and made our own little hurdles, perfect for Pia.

Which naturally led to making a track in the backyard. Jim mowed an oval, then spray-painted a white line around it and added a start line. It is hard to see in this picture, but it will become more obvious as the summer progresses and we only mow the track. Such a time saver!


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  1. You are a GENIUS! Tea is hereby officially a trackster if only to avoid mowing the entire lawn. I’m sure the neighbors won’t mind… Those hurdles are adorable!


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