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melissa and doug, how you taunt me

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If you have a child under the age of 10 you know all about Melissa and Doug, makers of wooden toys for kids. Not only are their toys often made of wood, but so is the packaging their toys come in. So if your kid happens to get a Melissa and Doug toy as a gift you also acquire a wooden box that serves no practical purpose as the boxes don’t have lids and are therefore mostly useless for storing the aforementioned toy. But it is a wooden box, so of course you can’t throw it away, because it must be good for something, right? So the wooden box sits around and maybe acquires some wooden box friends as time marches on and then they sit around together and silently mock me: “what are you going to do with us? put us to use! we’re gathering dust! we’re driving you crazy!”. So I answered their pleas and Pia and I whipped together this little present for one of her friends who recently turned 8.

We cut a piece of cork board to fit inside the box and covered it with fabric before liberally gluing it into the box. It actually could have used much more glue but we were working against the clock and with the whims of my 4-year-old artist. To add some extra pizzaz we glued on chipboard letters to spell her name. For the push pins we glued buttons on plain old tacks (which was crazy fun and I want to make a million more button push pins, they are too cute). And, voila! A mini-bulletin board for Kate’s room.

Now I need to brainstorm uses for the other 2 wooden boxes awaiting their turn. Stay tuned.


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  1. Ooh. Good idea. I am still attempting to get Tea to store his M&D toys in their (lidless) boxes but it’s a losing battle.

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