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Dear Robin,

At about the time you were zipping past our little town on the way to the airport, Pia and I got down the globe to take a look at where you were headed. She then wanted to make a card to send to Tea that said “Goodbye Tea to Belgium”. A day late and a dollar short, I say.

To ease the pain of our 4100-mile separation I turned to painting initials on coffee cups.  The initials were chosen based on who visits most often and indulges in a cup of coffee while here. I settled on only one mug of any given letter, so the “J” will have to be shared by Jim, Jill, Jeff, Julie, and John. But get this: you are the only “R” person I know. So you can rest assured that no one else will ever drink from your mug. It will be hanging out just waiting to serve you your homecoming drink.

It was 70 and sunny here today, no ash cloud in sight. We miss you!


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  1. Well that settles it, I have to come back home eventually. How fun!


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