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meanwhile, back in Wisconsin…

Dear Robin,

Pia made soup for me tonight. It was a maple seed base with a dogwood flower butter garnish. Pretty delicious.

Have you heard? L had a baby boy!! Pia and I went to meet him today at the hospital (Pia is not a fan of hospitals, so our stay was quite short). I would tell you the baby’s name, but that is a bit murky. Lou insists the name is one thing while her parents are attempting to name him something else. He may end up being the boy with two names.

Seeing the baby led to many, many questions about how babies are born and this required me to use the v-word entirely too many times today. And since L had a c-section I then had to explain that procedure as well. My brain hurts from all this anatomy and birthing talk. I need a drink and a long sleep.


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  1. It IS complicated, isn’t it? Tea wanted to know if he had to go BACK later. Ouch. But he definitely enjoyed lifting my shirt up over my belly to say “WAKE UP baby!” and then immediately pulling it down to say “SHHH, the baby is sleeping.”

  2. Hurray for a little boy for the playgroup! We’ll balance out yet! I can’t wait to hear (both) names! You really need a code word. No one should have to say that multiple times a day to a 4 year old. I hope the drink was stiff.


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