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meanwhile, back in Wisconsin…

This might pale in comparison to canal trips and five-hour dinners with old friends, but check out what I got at the school rummage sale:

Yes, it is almost too cool to believe: matryoshka doll measuring cups. For 50 cents no less. These were actually Jim’s find. I spent my money on the game Husker Du (do you remember?) and Pia is in heaven with her ‘new’ tape player and has been rocking out to Flashbeagle. I had to do some explaining about how tapes work and how you have to flip them over when they reach the end, which made me feel… cool? mature? smart? It was an odd mix of totally unfounded positive emotions.

Jim took the day off as an early birthday present to me. I think he likes me. Swoon. The three of us did some crafting this morning and finally made the bottle cap magnets that I love so much and have been known to pay $3 apiece for at craft fairs. This way is much more economical especially since we used old clear nail polish as a substitute for the epoxy (I somehow ended up with a bin of old nail polish… long story). It turns out they are crazy fun to make (though there may have some brain damage due to nail polish fumes). I am quite excited to put them to work on the fridge.

Can’t wait until you are home and we can rock out to Flashbeagle together. You know he’s flash, flash, flash, flash, flashbeagle/ when he jumps high, he flies like a wild eagle…


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  1. Matrushka doll measuring cups? Husker du?? FLASH BEAGLE?! You have a seriously awesome school rummage sale and I fear you will be sadly disappointed by the lack of high caliber wares available when you join us rummage-saling later this month. Not that I have the faintest idea what Husker du is, but from the lyrics to FB, I can imagine the most catchy of tunes.

    Cassettes – wow. Pia will have knowledge that will be otherwise limited to archaeologists of her generation. Cool indeed, Courtney. I bet she was already rolling her eyes at you. šŸ˜‰

    I adore those magnets – how sweet! I haven’t seen them before. You should write up a tutorial on how to make them with nail polish because oddly, I, the girl without nails, has also acquired a bin of polish that I’ve kept for completely unknown reasons. Perhaps they are something you could make for the shop?

  2. I want matryoshka measuring cups!!! That is too cool. Ewan has a passion for cooking and for matryoshkas (with his Russian background, that’s not surprising). Could be just the thing for him for a birthday or Christmas present. Heading to Google now.


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