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Sunday, travel edition

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Dear Courtney,

Happy Birthday!  (Do I have the right day?)  I wish I was there to celebrate with you, but I thought of you during our own party here.

Today my AFS family hosted an open house and invited some friends and family I knew from 15 years ago.  It was a potluck dessert afternoon – the potluck concept is apparently quite rare here, but we all had fun eating a lot of sugar.  Kyle baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies by request.  It’s amazing that a country with some of the best bread and pastries in the world doesn’t have chocolate chip cookies.  It’s little things like this that make it slightly easier to live in the United States.  🙂

People told me that I haven’t changed, but it was amazing that none of them have either.  Everyone looked just the same, and it was wonderful to chat and catch up a bit.

Tea didn’t know how lucky he was to have five little girls to play with today.

We learned some outdoor games – one was called 1,2,3 piano and it reminded me of red light-green light.  Another, shown here, involved the kids trying to get past the dads but I never caught the name or exactly what the girls were singing.We capped off the evening with the usual here on the Weygenstraat – espresso, limoncelo, chocolate, and conversation until we realize it’s nearing the next day.  Can you believe Kyle was up until  11pm?  It’s only because his body is still on US time, but I’ll take it!

In other news, today, for the first time on this trip, Tea asked when we are going home.  He is enjoying himself immensely, but it’s good to know he still misses home and our routine.


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  1. Hi Robin,

    The game’s called “Schiper mag ik over varen?”

    Schipper mag ik over varen, ja of nee?
    Moet ik dan een cent betalen, ja of nee?

    Schipper can I sail over, yes or no?
    Do I pay a cent to sail over, yes or no?

    Childhood memories are coming back! 😉

    • That’s it, Mei-Lyn! Thanks! Kyle had a hard time helping the other dads because he had no idea what requirements the little sailors were given each time. 😉


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