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meanwhile, back in wisconsin…

Dear Robin,

Thank you for the birthday wishes. And thanks to your belgian family for throwing a party for me!  hee, hee

My sneaky plan to host a plant swap and get all my favorite people here for my birthday worked quite well (except for the fact that you decided to go to Belgium and Jill was in Minnesota, but, you know). The plant swap was a huge success (I think). Despite the wicked heat (our thermometer read 92 degrees) we did at least 10 rounds of plant draft. I nabbed an excellent array of plants for you, including plumonaria, snakeroot, sedum and coneflowers. I will give you and our dear readers more plant swap party details at a later date, but right now I am so, so tired and I must get my partied-out self to bed. I leave you with a piece of birthday cake. Enjoy!


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  1. Bethney Pickhardt

    It was a fabulous party! And, Robin, I’ll be looking forward to your pink Peony in the fall :). Now I gotta go out in this unbelievable heat for May in Wisconsin and plant my gems.

  2. Oooh my mouth is watering from your picture. Now I want to see a shot of all the plants dying in the heat wave! I wish it would cool down before we get back. Hopefully the plants I’ve promised to bring can survive in my yard without water.

    Happy, happy, happy birthday and 3 traditional Belgian birthday kisses from here.


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