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Monday, travel edition

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Today’s Belgian adventure was a trip to Limburg province (birthplace of the ultimate stinky cheese) to visit Bokrijk.  It’s a historical open-air museum, similar to what I imagine Old World Wisconsin must be like, but as I am not a tourist at home, I keep forgetting to actually visit OWW.  Bokrijk, on the other hand, I have now been to 4 times, which is only one less than the number of times I’ve been to Belgium.

I love it.  It’s beautiful and shaded with huge trees and dotted with old farms and houses and churches and shops.  The buildings are original and moved on-site when they get in the way of modern progress.  The park is set up with 3 separate villages (from different parts of Belgium), with long relaxing walks through the woods between them.  There are also, of course, places to sit and enjoy a Belgian beer.

We watched spinners, ceramicists, and felt makers in period costume demonstrate their crafts.  Spinning always looks so easy when someone else does it.  Tea was crazy for the street musicians and marching bands.  My favorite was the goose parade.  We rode around the park in a horse-drawn cart at the end of the day.

For dinner we enjoyed a Belgian fast-food dinner from a frietkot.  They sell fries in huge paper cones, and a wide assortment of fried snacks – all varieties of sausages, meat on a stick, breaded meat, and breaded cheese, and a plethora of sauces to dunk it all in.  The fries are amazing and unlike anything we can get at home.  I’m actually grateful that we don’t have frietkoten in Wisconsin, because they’d be even harder for me to avoid than the donuts I give in to on the way to playgroup each week.  YUM.


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  1. Oh, dear. Perhaps I should have warned you about showing me cute pictures of fowl. It could lead to misguided acquisition of pet geese or the like. How could you stand the cuteness of a goose parade?

    We must plan an Old World Wisconsin playgroup field trip once you are home and once the forecast doesn’t call for unbearable heat.

    So jealous of the frietkoten. Will need to hear you pronounce that when you get home because it sounds quite funny in my head.

  2. The photo of the three of you is GORGEOUS!


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