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meanwhile, back in wisconsin…

Dear Robin,

It is 9:00 at night and 72 degrees out. I am wilting. But because I am currently obsessed with all things garden I spent the whole day playing in dirt, first at Lib’s house and then at mine. You should see the hostas I got from Lib. I am in love. (I understand that using the phrase “you should see” is a good indicator that I should include a photo of said thing that you should see, but by the time I showered off the 18 layers of mud and got Pia to sleep the sun had set.) Yes, the heat is a bear, but everywhere I look there are amazing things happening in the garden. Like the clematis (above) in bloom, the adorable inchworm we found, the frog hanging out on the watering can at Lib’s and the double intoxication of lilac and lily of the valley blooms. And our first ripe strawberries!

Tomorrow I have a date with 80 kindergarten kids and as many empty plastic cassette cases. I’m hoping the results are as cool as the image in my head. I’ve never led an art project of this scale before. Wish me buckets of luck!


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