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meanwhile, back in wisconsin…

As promised, today we gave new life to dozens of old cassette cases which used to house precious mix tapes and dubs of dubs of dubs of record albums. The tapes themselves have since been used to make plant markers in the school butterfly garden, leaving the cases feeling lonely and worthless. Enter the paintbrush filled hands of 80 kindergarten kids and we have an art project! How did we create this butterfly masterpiece, you ask? Let me explain.

Each kid got an unlined index card that had been folded in half. They were asked to paint half the card in a liberal amount of paint (or in kindergarten-friendly-speak, “gobs of paint”).

Then they were instructed to fold the card in half along the already creased line and smoosh the sides together with their hands.

When unfolded the paper revealed two symmetrical sides.

The kids then folded the card in half once again and cut out the shape of a butterfly wing (which had been drawn on the back of the card prior to the painting). Once unfolded the beautiful butterfly emerged. Okay, clearly this butterfly is not the same one as the previous pictures, but you get the idea.

A flutter of butterflies soon emerged from their creative cocoons:

All these butterflies have found homes in the aforementioned cassette cases and will soon be put together in a frame that will be the sign for the school’s butterfly garden. The frame is Jim’s project for the weekend. I will be sure to post pictures of the finished project.

Thank you to all the wonderful little artists and their fabulous teachers who took time out of their very busy end-of-the-year schedules to do this project with us!


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  1. Bethney Pickhardt

    Courtney, you need to move to Madison so you can do these projects at Lake View! How did you make plant markers with the old cassette tapes? Or, was that a previous post I missed?

  2. Or you need to move here and get in on the crafty action at North!! 🙂 I will have to do another post on the cassette tape plant markers. Not pretty, but practical.

  3. No Courtney, you need to move to *my* city. Perhaps we can do a silent auction to bid on your next hometown.

  4. Sorry, Ladies

    Courtney is staying right here, next to ME! 🙂

    Heck, my kids probably will never experience her genius in schools, but I’m still not willing to give up her after hours inspiration!

    Wow, this is a fantastic art project! 🙂 Are the kids signing and dating the backs of the butterflies? What a cool momento for years to come for the school and the kids who made them!

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