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Wednesday, travel edition

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Dear Courtney,

Well, it had to happen eventually, and today was probably the best day for it to happen – our beautiful warm sunshiny weather turned cold, rainy, and decidedly more Belgian.  I suppose that should make it easier to come home.

We had planned a day of bumming around Leuven today.  Rain I don’t mind.  Fifty degree weather I don’t mind.  But 50 degree rainy weather isn’t so fun to hang around outside in, so we changed our plans.

We spent the day at one of the rare malls in Belgium with Chris, Elke, and the girls.  We did some fun shopping (I know, fun and shopping aren’t usually in the same sentence for me, but I liked the European equivalent of Target, and got Tea a nice “American Football – what matters is the final score” t-shirt because it made us laugh for reasons we couldn’t quite explain.)

We were finally able to enjoy fresh warm sugar waffles that had heretofore eluded us on this trip.  Remind me to break out the recipe for these once we’re back home.  They are unlike any waffle you’ve eaten and bear zero resemblance to the gross stuff places like IHOP serve for breakfast under the guise of a Belgian waffle.  Honestly, whenever I see them listed on American menus I get riled up and feel I need to defend my Belgium’s honor.  Belgians would never eat such gross concoctions as cardboard-tasting waffles with fake whipped cream and canned strawberries.  (Although since recently learning of my sister’s devotion to Subway, I may need to rethink my impression of their sophisticated palate – sorry Elke!  😉 )

For dinner I died and went to heaven – asparagus op z’n vlams  (white Flemish asparagus with eggs), steak arabiata (which translates to angry meat? but it makes me  *sooooo* happy), and tiny potatoes roasted with rosemary from their garden.  We may or may not have polished off the bottle of limoncello tonight.  I’m not saying.  I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so many delicious foods all in one week.

It was neat tonight to hear Hanna start to speak a bit of English.  If we stayed a month, I think both Elke and I would have bilingual kids.  I’m threatening to put up a tent in their backyard so we can stay longer without being a burden.  But Tea was fairly crabby and uncooperative today – I think that it’s probably good that we’re heading home tomorrow morning.  He needs his regular routine back.

Please think sleepy, happy, compliant thoughts in Tea’s direction tomorrow – it’s going to be a long day.  Kyle is wondering if we’ll make it through the weekend without seeing you.


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  1. Tomorrow!!!! You’re coming home tomorrow!!! yay, yay, ye, yay, yah (doing my little happy dance). I had no idea!! This is like the best belated birthday present ever.

    I will send all the hours that Piya has not slept the past few days because of the heat in Tea’s direction. Use them well.

  2. I will DEFINTELY remind you to break out that recipe, as I have not had the pleasure of tasting them in Belguim…so Milton will do! 🙂 Glad you had fun on your trip, and sending happy, calming, sleepy thoughts Tea’s way….


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