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Isn’t it nice to be home again*

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Tea got to visit with friends today, including Pia.  Re-entry after vacation has been a bit challenging for him, but he finally seems to be settling into the rhythm of being home.  The highlight of my day was watching Pia and Tea put on a (loud) dress-up fashion show.  Forgive the dresses, Grandpa – he’s only 3.  😉

Pia: care bear, Tea: ballerina

Pia: skunk, Tea: construction worker-princess

Pia: Snow White, Tea: fire fighter-skunk

Pia and Tea: roaring lions

* “Didn’t we miss your smiling face…isn’t it nice to be home again” -James Taylor


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  1. So much fun, how great it is to be home again!!

  2. That looks like an absolute riot! I love the construction worker – princess combo. Who would have thought?

  3. Ok, it’s final. We have the cutest kids ever. Oh, and Tea is wearing doll clothes in the first picture. I’m very impressed he was able to get his arms into it.


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