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A mere two days ago (as Robin can attest to) I made cereal bars.  This is something I have not done in at least a decade, but clearly needs to be done more frequently. The bars were enjoyed, devoured and gone within 36 hours.  This is all mildly interesting. But THEN, my sister, who, mind you, I haven’t talked to since Sunday, called this morning and asked what? For the recipe for the cereal bars our mom used to make.

Whoa. We are totally connected at the brain and sending messages through space to each other even when we haven’t talked in days. She had no idea I had made cereal bars. The idea just popped into her head. I love it when things like this happen. It makes everything seem so delightfully interconnected and other-dimensional.

I’m actually a bit weepy uploading this photo because the cereal bars are all gone and I can’t have one right now. For those of you feeling the same way, I used this recipe and melted two cups of chocolate chips to slather on top. As a bonus, it is a great way to use up stale cereal.


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  1. Robin and I each made big batches of puppy chow to bring to the baby shower a friend threw me this spring. We hadn’t talked about it and neither of us makes puppy chow very often. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

  2. I am the sister and so happy to be the subject of one of Courtney’s posts! I’ll be smiling all evening :). I made the bars and they were deliciouso, but how come if I take a picture of them they never look as tantalizing as yours do Courtney?

  3. I had a SWEET FOOD EMERGENCY today and HAD to make these. But I couldn’t find any honey, so I substituted sorghum syrup (I know, who has sorghum syrup but not honey, right? I probably have some hiding behind a jar of olives in the pantry). I also had no chocolate in the house except for the one deliciously special bar I brought back for myself from Belgium to savor over the course of a month in tiny bits. So we skipped the chocolate on top, because I love Tea – I really LOOOOVE him, but even that kind of love has limits.


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