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Vegetarian Kitchen Recipe #8

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Chickpea Patties with Arugula Salad page 65

Yes, yes, I have been a total slacker in the kitchen lately. But I’m back at it, folks!

Tonight’s recipe has as the star ingredient one of my all-time favorite foods: chickpeas. Could there be a more perfect food? I could eat them instead of chips, that is how deliciously lovely they are. So there may be some bias in the ratings tonight.

5 stars and Pia ate two helpings off her plate and then proceeded to stand cutely at my side and eat off of my plate.

Oh, and thanks to my lovely husband who is far better versed in the kitchen than I am, I learned a new cooking technique this evening. My main ‘technique’ thus far has been to always, always have a glass of wine while cooking. That kind of help only goes so far. We don’t have non-stick pans, so whenever I try to brown something (like the patties in this recipe) the delicious browned part gets stuck to the pan and I end up with just the mushy innards on the plate. But not tonight!!  Tonight Jim taught me that the key to browning in a non-stick pan is patience and low heat. Cook it slow. And with a goodly amount of oil. And to shimmy the pan every once in a while so the patties don’t stick. It worked like a charm. So: patience + low heat+ a bit more oil + shimmy-ing = browning in a non-stick pan. This will be on the final.


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  1. Your arugula is MADLY delicious. I should save it for innovative Jack Bishop recipies, but instead I have been snacking on it plain, slathering it in oil and balsamic vinegar, and jamming it into pita pockets with spicy chick peas and greek yogurt. If I grow nothing else next year, it will be arugula. The planning starts NOW! I have *actually convinced Kyle* I can add more garden space to the house to put a veggie garden behind the back door – AFTER I fix the front landscaping. So DAMN you, stormy weather, dry up so I can get to work!


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