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My mom gave me some fabulous magnetic spice tins for my birthday, thus freeing up my old space-eating spice rack (and in turn freeing up enough space in my kitchen cabinets to house at least a dozen boxes of girl scout cookies). But what to do with the old spinner spice rack? Why, turn it into a little girl’s dream of a craft station!

I know this idea is hardly new (indeed, I copied it from a friend), but it is such a great idea that I felt it had to be shared, if for the hundredth time in blog-land. Filling the jars is such fun. Pony beads! Toothpicks! Googly eyes! Seashells! Hot pink feathers that Pia cut off a cat toy months ago! And since Pia now burns through the supplies making crafts at her little craft station, I get to refill them with different fun things regularly which encourages even more crafty creativity on her part. Tomorrow I will show you some of Pia’s masterpieces that she has made since the inception of the spinner craft station. Ah, 4-year-old sculpture art.


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  1. That crafty spinner is just awesome and I want one for myself.

    Oh I long for the day that Tea wants to be crafty, too. He’s just too little yet (and doesn’t show the same enthusiasm for crafts as for books and NOISE and things with wheels). Also, frighteningly, my boy who NEVER put things in his mouth as a wee one nearly choked on a toothpick the other day, so I fear that small crafty bits are still far in the future for us. =(

  2. Great idea! I gotta go to St. Vinnies and see if they have a spice rack…


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