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glue + feathers + more feathers = happy

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Yesterday I posted about the spice-rack-turned-super-craft-station and promised photos of the resulting art fun. I love the fact that Pia loves getting crafty and that she seems to enjoy the process more than the finished product. I’ve seen so many kids get frustrated when they can’t do something ‘just right’ or can’t paint the way older kids can or whatever, so they end up not bothering to get creative just for the sake of getting creative. Anyway, I’m glad Pia likes creating just because it is fun.

I gave Pia some little boxes and told her she could make secret boxes out of them. Here is what she came up with:

You can’t see it in the picture, but if you push aside the multiple layers of hot pink feathers there are seashells, adding another layer of ‘secret’ to the secret boxes. And next to the tennis racquet in the little box are three little blue pompons. Did she do that on purpose, to make them look like tennis balls? Or was it just as random as the button/heart/pony bead combo in the top of the box? Ah, the mysteries of the 4-year-old creative mind. I love it. Anyway. Put the lids on these boxes and they are just boring, unassuming boxes. But take off the lid and WOW, burst of hot pink.

Yesterday we finished off a box of cereal which is cause for excitement because usually we buy cereal in bags, so a cereal box is a treasure. We took the box apart, turned it inside out and created a puppet theater.

We glued scenery to the back inside of the box (we went with a forest theme) and decorated the front with markers which led to an extensive lesson of trying to teach Pia how to draw stars. Whew. That is complicated. Then we attached the theater to a chair and put on multiple shows. The puppet show fun continued when Jim came home and we stayed up late as a family putting on shows with a flashlight spotlight. It was one of those really sweet evenings where the fun being had totally trumped bedtime. Once again it is shown that all kids really need are cardboard boxes, right Robin?


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  1. I adore the puppet theater! Now you just need some shadow puppets! Hmmm…I wish I knew *someone* who makes cool Thai ones….let me think on that for a bit…

    Yeah, cardboard is the best toy in the universe. Why I’ve spent money on toys I’ll never know. No wait – they’re for ME. While Tea stomps around with his cardboard “robot legs”, I can play with the train set.

  2. Sadly, I have to admit that sometimes your posts make me feel like a very inadequate mother Courtney! You are so creative! And, dare I say?, amazing. My kids are lucky if we make a fort out of sofa cushions.

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