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As Courtney said in her last post, the best toys do come from cardboard boxes.  This is so true – when will I learn?

Last weekend I constructed an elaborate cardboard box play house complete with shelves, a skylight in the roof, a chimney, a kitchen with a stove and table, windows with open-and-closable shutters, a functioning door with a peep hole, and the most-loved feature of all:  a mailbox.  It was pretty sweet if I do say so myself, and it only cost me a couple hundred dollars in Ikea furniture.  😉  Tea adored it for a day (he nearly slept in it at night) and then Pia stopped by to help demolish enjoy it.  As you can see, the only thing left are the small rectangular tubes that fit Tea perfectly – he calls them his robot legs.

I, Godzilla Robot, have destroyed your city!!

Now I just have a mountain of cardboard again, but Courtney has given me the brilliant idea of using it as a weed barrier as I try to fight back Thistle Jungle in our front landscaping.  The robot legs, however, will have to stay on the toy shelf for awhile longer.  Tea is definitely not finished with them yet.


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