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Giving the kitchen (elf) a workout

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Grandma Cookie (3 guesses how she got that name) is here for a couple of days to play with Tea, and that means I, also, had a chance to play – in the kitchen.

This morning the 3 of us picked strawberries (Grandma C. is still lamenting that we forgot to bring a camera to document Tea eating berries as big as his fist, while red juice dribbled down his joyful face).  Then I hit the kitchen hard – 3 batches of freezer jam, arugula pesto (thank you Courtney for the arugula!  this is the 2nd time we’ve made this in a week), shortcake, and slow-cooker yogurt were all created this afternoon.  I happen to have a kitchen elf, so dishes magically wash and put themselves away as I work.  I recommend one for every home – they make cooking a breeze!  (Mine goes by the name of Kyle, but he is a limited edition so you’ll have to find your own.)

As we enjoyed our shortcake at the end of the day, we broke out the limoncello from the freezer.  That was one of the projects we started after getting back from Belgium.  It’s an Italian lemon-flavored liquor you sip ice cold.  On a hot night, it really hits the spot.  It is a seriously delicious way to savor a summer evening.

You should make some, too.  It’s easy and far tastier than what you can find in stores here.  This is the recipe, translated from my Belgian family’s blog:

  • To make 2.5L limoncello you’ll need:  8 organic lemons, 1L grain alcohol (95% ethanol) – available in a liquor store, 1.5L water, 4 C. sugar
  • Use a potato peeler to get only the yellow part of the lemon peel.  Scrape away any of the white pith to avoid a bitter taste.  (Save the lemons to make sorbet!)
  • Put the peels in a clean container and cover with the alcohol.  Seal and let rest in a dark place for 14 days.
  • After 14 days, discard the peels.  Heat the water and sugar in a saucepan until the sugar dissolves.  Let the syrup cool.  Add the syrup to the alcohol and mix.  Pour into bottles.  (My Belgian family lets the bottles rest another week before drinking.  We…did not.  It is still delicious.)
  • Store the bottle you’ll be drinking in the freezer – limoncello should be drunk ice cold.

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  1. Bethney Pickhardt

    sounds delicious! It doesn’t take much for me to try a new hard drink, so I’m off to buy lemons today!

  2. um, waiting patiently for my invitation to come drink limoncello on the new veranda. can we drink on tuesday’s playdate?


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