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sad, sad pansies

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The summer bowl made its debut today… and it did me proud. It was wicked hot out this afternoon and Pia was being less than patient as we waited for our friends to head to the playground. I looked at her laying on the floor and whining, then looked at the bowl and said “hey, wanna check out the summer bowl while we wait?” And like magic the curiosity cured the whines.

Last night I had put two flower presses (that we made over a year ago) and two pairs of scissors in the bowl. We each took a set out to the front porch where our pansies sat, sad and wilting after a spring of putting on a show. We set to snipping off the pathetic little blooms and put them in our flower presses.  In a week or so we can take them out of our presses and do a fun craft with them. I have a plan.

On the pansies note: What do I do with them? Are they done for the season? Should I compost them now? Or will they come back in the fall when cooler temps arrive?


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  1. Fun! I hereby demand you post every day to show your summer bowl project.

    I have no idea about the pansies. I was going to ask you that very question.

    And also, I am Robin, not Kyle, simply too lazy to sign out of my other account. In case you couldn’t tell.

  2. and here I thought that Kyle was showing newfound interest in our lives. sigh.

    i fully intend to post everyday for the summer bowl project! well, except weekends and when I am too lazy. but other than that, every day!!!

    ok, gotta run, darwin is puking. on the couch.


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