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critters in the woods

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Last week I took Pia and her little friend, Lou, on a hike in the woods to go on a scavenger hunt. I gave each girl a sheet with pictures of things to find in the woods: an acorn, a pinecone, a leaf, a rock, a stick, etc. and off we went into the woods. When we returned, each girl had a backpack full of treasures. Really, what fun is one pinecone when you can have twenty???  Thanks to Catherine Newman’s great ideas in the latest issue of Family Fun I knew just what to have the girls do with their treasures.

Yes, googly eyes may now be a nature hike staple.

I tried to find the online version of the aforementioned Catherine Newman article, but can’t find it. It was an article all about ways to make camping easier and more fun. Like any Catherine Newman article it was insightful, funny, and packed with ideas. She makes a subscription to Family Fun worth it.


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  1. Ah, googly eyes in their natural habitat. What fun!


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