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Checking out the Green Garage

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Yesterday the three of us headed down to Genesee Depot to check out the Green Garage. I’ve been wanting to get twin beds for Pia’s room and thought that this fabulous ‘store’ would be the place to find them. The Green Garage is a group of women who find old, beat-up pieces of furniture and then lovingly restores them through blood, sweat and paint. This past spring I bought a little yellow step stool from them and I have been amazed at how well it has held up.  I have the stool in the bathroom so Pia can reach the sink and despite being constantly kicked, moved, slid, stepped on, and sat on, all in high moisture conditions, the paint hasn’t chipped or worn or bubbled or any of the things the paint would have already done if I had been the one painting it. Clearly the Green Garage ladies know what they are doing.

Anyway, about the beds. There were many cool finds at this weekend’s Green Garage, but no twin beds. However, the women of the Green Garage are very friendly and after talking with a few of them it turned out one lady had two twin beds that she had yet to fix up and she is willing to paint them in whatever color I want. So, I am planning on heading down the next time they are open to view the ‘raw’ pieces and see if they are right for Pia’s room. I am quite excited.

While we didn’t buy anything this weekend we did find lots of very cool pieces, like this fun green table:

And this perfect dresser for a little girl’s room:

And this adorable little girl pink chest of drawers:

Interested in checking out the Green Garage? They are open select days during the summer, right in downtown Genesee Depot (look for the white tents… or the hoards of people all looking for furniture treasure). Here are the remaining dates for the summer (all days open 10-5):

  • July 15-18
  • August 5-8
  • August 19-22
  • September 2-6
  • September 16-19

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  1. Oooh. Good thing I couldn’t go. I have no space in my house for more furniture. It looks like some really cute stuff. And come to think of it, my bedroom dresser is atrocious… So on second thought, tell me when you plan to go back again if you want company.


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