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sewing for small ones goes quick

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Last night we had the first session of summer sewing club (can we call it a ‘club’ when last night it was just Robin and I?) and despite a dozen trips upstairs to give Pia “just one more kiss” I was able to start and finish an entire project. My oldest friend (one I’ve been friends with since toddlerhood) and his wife are expecting a baby this fall. I found a onesie at Fair Indigo in Madison that said “made with love” on it which I thought was perfect for this friend as it is cute, but then you think about it and it could be interpreted as, um, slightly, well, dirty. This friend of mine laces his speech with all sorts of dirty innuendos and has since he was 8. Indeed, in elementary school he made a button that said “Save Water, Shower with a Friend”. He was making jokes about sex before he knew what sex was. Anyway, the onesie seemed appropriate.

But the onesie seemed a lonely gift, so I decided to make pants and booties to match. Baby pants are one of my all time favorite things to make because they go so quick and they go together like magic. One minute you’re looking at them, like, this doesn’t seem right and the next minute they are pants. I didn’t have a pattern for pants, but had a pair of cabbage patch doll pants nearby so I traced those.

After one false start the booties turned out quite cute (though in the photo one looks quite a bit larger than the other… they don’t seem quite so mismatched in real life). I used this reversible bootie pattern that I found on Maked via the Long Thread. Now that I have made one pair the instructions make much more sense and they are fun to make, so Baby G and Baby C, booties are coming your way. The reversible bit is just a genius touch. Everything should be reversible, really.


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  1. I cannot believe you sewed this up while I was yacking at you. It would have taken me twice as long at least, and I would have required silence to figure it out. That’s why I prefer knitting – I can pay less attention. Except, wait, I knit those hump-backed elephants, so maybe that’s precisely my problem. Hmmm…

    I keep meaning to sew baby clothes because they are so. stinking. adorable. but I procrastinate too much – babies grow too fast.

    Your friend will love these. Homemade gifts are the best.


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