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We have a clothesline in our hallway where we hang Pia’s artwork, but she had been going through a painting dry spell and the pieces in the gallery hadn’t changed in a while.  So, to inspire the little artist I hung up some pictures from a favorite book of ours, “Mr. Gumpy’s Outing” by John Burningham (I adore John Burningham, and not just because he is English and wrote a book called “Courtney”). She quickly noticed the change in artwork on the line, and asked what they were. I told her they were pictures of a rabbit, a sheep and a cat and asked if she would like to paint her own sheep, rabbit and cat. She eagerly dusted off the paints and went to work. Next to the rabbit print is Pia’s “Rabbit Standing Up” and next to the sheep print is “Sheep and Sheep Footprints”. Such fun. I think I will do a similar thing in a week or two but ask if she can paint a picture with the same colors as the inspiration print.


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  1. Now I get it…have been wondering why the photos were there! Pia’s paintings are really amazing! The bunny looks like a bunny and the footprints are such a great touch! When Lou used to paint (we have also gone through a dry spell, except for Monday when she painted for her invitations to her party that she is planning,…I wasn’t paying attention and I kid you not, she painted 25% of the kitchen green along with 75% of her naked body green! All this happened while I fed Baby C while trying to research baby monitors on the internet…when will I learn that multi-tasking with kids actually is negative progress…I still haven’t cleaned up all the paint residue!) She wasn’t being “naughty”… I kind of knew it was getting out of hand, but didn’t know it was getting THAT out of hand!

    Anyways, like I was saying, when Lou used to paint, she wouldn’t try to paint a still picture, instead, she would make the painting process an active game, like she’d repeatedly paint a child sliding down a slide or a child going around a merry-go-round, until the whole page was drenched in paint. I love how kids fine their own way, their own purpose…

    • Hold cow, Laurie, I hope you took pictures of your green child! And you know, I think your kitchen would look quite lovely in green.

      I wish Tea would be more interested in painting and drawing but be is generally far more interested in destruction via art implements. Maybe in another year…


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