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“but how will I fly?”

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Pia’s little friend, Lou, is always thinking. Last Friday when we went to her house she had a clear plan in mind. She wanted to take old clothes, cut them up, sew them into hats, add a propeller, and fly. And she wasn’t content to just have Pia and her fly, she wanted to make hats for all the “little children” so they could fly, too. After much planning and scheming and sending Lou’s mom around the house to fetch materials, we came up with this prototype:

The materials are easy and cheap to come by. An old t-shirt, a spool, a short dowel rod, and some cardboard. But the girls are confused about why they can’t fly. Any suggestions? 🙂


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  1. You are my little girl’s hero!

    I was sooooo thankful that you were coming over later that day, when Lou excitedly gave me every detail of her flying plan over breakfast. I hate that I always have do disappoint as I have no craftiness clue! But, you can always make her little dreams a reality (okay, maybe not the flying part).

  2. This is adorable. I want one, too.


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