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I. Am. A. Moron.

I spent the night reknitting the top ribbing on this cardigan for Tea because I’d (poorly) modified it from a turtleneck jacket.  I like the (second) redesign of the neckline.

And then I looked at the $&@! elephants.  Courtney already convinced me once today not to rip them out.  I felt they were lumpy and pucker since I pretty much stink at stranded colorwork.  She said I’m too much of a perfectionist and she couldn’t see that at all.  I can still see it, but I was willing to let it go, because really, I don’t have any confidence that my tension would any better the 2nd time around.  And then it hit me.  Ahem.  Lean in a bit.  Look at the elephants on the right.  Do they look a bit, ah, hump-backish to you?  Yeah.  That would be because I messed up while reading the color chart. The color chart I have no excuse for misreading since I designed it myself.  Instead of having heads, half of my elephants have hump backs.  Brilliant.

I can tolerate a lot of mistakes.  I biffed the garter stitch button band in a few spots.  The buttonholes don’t seem exactly evenly spaced.  My tension isn’t even.  I’m sure that the arm holes will not sew up as neatly as I’d like.  I am terrible at weaving in ends.  But HUMP BACK ELEPHANTS?  They will haunt me.  I will see them every time I see this sweater.  I must rip it out and knit it again.  But I’m not in the mood.  I’ve spent every spare moment (or maybe 50 hours?  I knit slowly) working towards the completion of this sweater.  I was so happy to be done.  I want it off my needles.  I want to take a “break” by starting my next project.  In other words, I will bury this in a closet and never look at it again.


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  1. Don’t rip it out. Finish it and let Tea wear it. He won’t mind and then at least it will get worn! Who cares if the elephants have humpbacks? Maybe they’re camelephants.

  2. Aack. I didn’t realize it remembered the PEO account – it shouldn’t have since I wasn’t logged in. Bummer. I stand by my earlier comment though. Let Tea wear the camelephants.

  3. NO!!!!! Don’t stash it in the closet- you are the only one who will notice the humpback elephants!!!! I think it looks great! actually on some of the elephants it just looks like part of the elephants ears!! wishing you lived close by, so you could teach me a few things about knitting! 🙂

  4. I agree. Don’t destroy it! Those elephants on the right just have passengers… Sometimes when I butcher a pattern the first time, I go ahead an knit a second. By that time, you’re a pro at the pattern and you can sail through it. Surely Tea could use a few elephant sweaters.

  5. I noticed your humpback elephants, but I too thought they were the riders! No not really, but if you look at them as such it makes total sense and maybe it won’t bother you either! My first thought were…this is soooo georgous and very talented you are.

  6. No, don’t burry it and never look at it again!! It is perfect in a sense that it is not perfect, so it is UNIQUE, made with LOVE!! Nobody will notice these things the way it sticks out to you. I just love it!! Please finish it and use it!! You will LEARN to love it as well!! I am sure!!

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