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It doesn’t get any better than this

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I cried with happiness and pride for Tea tonight.  We sat him on a 2-wheeled bike and he…rode it!

Well, to be honest, he rode it smack into the back of the car, but he pedaled and didn’t fall over.  So we walked to a nearby parking lot to try again, and he just took off.  We now have a bike-riding 3-year-old!  (I credit the bike my dad designed for him – it taught him to balance without needing to coordinate with pedaling at the same time.)

He tooled around for an hour, hardly ever falling and keeping an amazingly positive attitude when he did.  At first he needed Kyle to steady him for a second while he got moving, but by the end of the evening he could start by himself.  Tea was sooo very proud of himself that he was shouting “This is the Best Tea I have ever seen!!” as he rode.  And then he started shouting “You’re a coffee cup!” as he circled around us, which is some kind of inside joke he has with Courtney that I don’t quite understand.  In any case, he was as excited as we were.

We enjoyed celebratory popsicles before bed.  Tonight is the highlight of my summer.  🙂

The video below has much better resolution if you click through to You Tube and watch there.  (Apologies for not editing it down a bit more, but I have grandparents to appease.)


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  1. Wow, Tea you are amazing!!! I never saw a three year old ride a bike like you can. Good job.

  2. You are terrific Tea. I’m so impressed. Hugs – Nana

  3. I was hoping I’d wake up to pictures of this! I am amazed and so impressed. I presume you will be spending your day today in an empty parking lot again? Better bring a chair and a beverage. Tea, you’re a coffee cup!!

    • We’ve already spent an hour at the park cruising around this morning. I’ve convinced him that we need to celebrate with a treat at the local coffee shop while I drink coffee. 😉

  4. Perhaps he could give me some pointers…I fell off my bike yesterday and skinned my knee (I didn’t fully learn how to ride one until after college…really).

    I also think your dad and T could team up in a successful info-mercial for his training bike design (yet another angle on launching your kid’s modeling career;)

    Great job team, he’s doing great! Do you think he’ll start asking for a ramp this summer or next summer?

  5. ok, we’ve now watched the video over and over. the proud smile on tea’s face is priceless. wow. the crocodile cruiser has never been prouder 🙂

  6. WAY-TO-GO T man

  7. That is GREAT! My girls are 8 and still don’t ride a bike while WE are a DUTCH family, who practically are born on a bike!

  8. This is priceless! Go Tea!

  9. WOW! That is seriously impressive! Go Little Tea! Nong Ex only learned a few months back, and Wee still uses stabilizers. Tea is destined for the Tour de France!

  10. …did I forget to mention how he just Ooozes CUTENESS!!!! So, SO Cute!

  11. That’s so awesome Tea. I tried calling you a bunch of times to say congratulations, but clearly you’re too big and important now to take calls from your Auntie M.

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