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Happy Halloween?

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Since I just blogged about Thanksgiving and the 4th of July, I figured I may as well write a post about Halloween, since I never got around to it at the time…  And honestly, with the summer storms we’re being pounded with tonight, I am almost wishing for fall.

Last October, Tea wore the vampire costume that Grandma Cookie sewed for Tea’s daddy:

Forget the stupid Twilight series – Kyle started the vampire trend decades ago.  The best homemade costumes are the ones I don’t have to make.  😉

We had a *very* small Halloween party, as half of the guests came down with the flu on the day of the party.  Pia and Tea had all the games to themselves.

They flew ghosts, pinned the warty nose on a witch, and played limbo under a broom.

They were really much happier once I stopped trying to make them do organized games and let them just play.  Halloween really is my favorite holiday.  I’m tempted to start planning right now for the next one.  Just thinking about it seems to have cooled the house 10 degrees.  Or perhaps that’s just the 12 inches of rain we got this hour.


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  1. You’re going to plan a Halloween party while our mother is stranded at a gas station somewhere south of Milwaukee? Well, I suppose it’s as good a reaction to the storms as any…

    • Seriously – no one tells me *anything*! Did our phone line go down?
      I heard about the flooded basement but not the missing mother. Is she home yet?

    • A note to the one other person who reads this blog (Courtney): My mother is fine and at a hotel a few miles from her work. I woke my dad for details. I assume you haven’t floated away either, but will anxiously await word that your town is still on the map.

  2. Oops, I forgot to say that Kyle and Tea both make super cute vampires.

  3. I read your blog too! T is the cutest little vampire I ever did see! I give him a 10 for showmanship. (modeling career! modeling career! modeling career!) sorry, I will stop mumbling, but if I was marketing Halloween candy, I’d want that pic in my ad.

  4. also, glad your mom’s OK. Milwaukee is broken!

  5. If all goes well we will be able to use the same costume two years in a row. Pia is already saying she wants to be spiderman. Again.

    Please begin planning things for Halloween. We want to be invited to another party!

    I am glad your mom is okay. But how did she go from home to gas station to hotel, close to, but not at work. And why is she at said hotel but your dad is still at home? There are some missing pieces to this story that I’d like sorted out 🙂

    • Most excellent – Pia knows that she makes a kick-ass spider woman. Tell her to stop growing to be sure it’ll still fit.

      As for the mystery, Mom never made it home from work in the first place – torrential rains and tornado warnings kept her at the office until 8pm before she tried to venture home. Roads were being closed around her as she crept along at 0.5 mph. I’m glad she found someplace safe to sleep. Where did all those people stranded on I43 go?!


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