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happy surprises and the summer bowl

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Today we received a big box of school clothes, so there was a little fashion show of cuteness here, which led me to think about a little pink dress that I had knit two years ago for a 2-year-old Pia which had been set aside for some reason. I think it was because I assumed she had already outgrown it by the time I had finished it. Anyway, since she was in the mood to try things on I figured I’d test my luck and ask her to try it on, just to see. And lo and behold, that size 2T dress is a perfect 4-year-old shirt.

And she likes it. She actually likes it. This never happens with things I make for her. I have exhibits A through H in her closet of things I have made that she refuses to wear. So, this is a very happy surprise.

Clearly there is a bit of finishing that needs to happen on the shirt, like weaving in the ends. But even this didn’t bother her as she told me the strings are so that she can tie a toy onto them. Convenient.

Though maybe the 3/4 length sleeves give it away and make it look like it was intended for a smaller child. Hmmm.

In other news, good lord, where does the summer go? The past month has evaporated before me. Summer bowl projects? yeah, that bowl has been empty for weeks. Again, this is why I don’t work out. I can’t stick with anything. But, the bowl was unearthed last night as I cleaned off the coffee table from all the Cousin Camp debris that I hadn’t been able to face for the past few days. And my enthusiasm was renewed. Looking back through old Craft magazines for inspiration, I found instructions by Tiffany Threadgould on how to make photo cuffs out of plastic soda bottles. As luck would have it, this typically soda-less household had recently acquired a six-pack of Dr. Pepper due to my husband’s misled belief that buying it would enable us to win a Smart Car. (It’s complicated.) So, after selflessly downing some Dr.Pepper, Pia and I were able to make these from the empty bottles:

Granted they would have been much cooler if we had colored electrical tape lying around (as it was we had to use boring black), but they were still fun to make. And now I have a tape measure to wear on my wrist while I sew, even if it will require a bit of math each time I use it as it starts at 3 instead of zero. Oh, and if you have a girl between the ages of 8 and 13 at home I think these bracelets are a must-do before summer is over, so I highly recommend checking out the instructions in the above link. The possibilities are endless as to what you could sandwich between the layers of plastic.


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  1. Why oh why didn’t you do this one earlier in the summer when I was lamenting my lack of bracelets (to use as nursing reminders)? This is super fun. I might have to go buy some soda…

    • I will selflessly volunteer to drink it for you if it’s root beer. 😉

    • Nursing reminders? Please explain.

      Wow, Robin. You totally win the selfless-sister-of-the-year award 🙂

      • To remind me which side to nurse on next. My brain is seriously addled with sleep deprivation and I can never remember on my own. Sadly this system breaks down when I’m so tired that I forget to move the bracelet/ring to my other hand after a feeding.

        Robin – it probably would be root beer. You’re welcome to have some this afternoon when you come over.

  2. That “dress” is a perfect fit for her! It’s adorable – I like how the sleeves turned out. Good thinking, and so glad she loves it! Woo hoo!!


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