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before the heat set in

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Today was wicked hot so Pia and I spent most of the day hanging out in the basement with me trying to get her to play with my latest obsession (legos… I completely forgot how addicting and fun they are) and her trying to get me to play her latest obsession (where she pretends she is a baby and wants to be swaddled or where she pretends to be a lost animal of some sort, usually a turtle, that is found by a little girl who has to convince her mother to let the found turtle stay with them… it is quite complicated and my lines are told to me by the director/turtle). But this morning, before the heat forced us downstairs, we both happily immersed ourselves in todays summer bowl activity: making dolls.

Last night after Pia had fallen asleep I cut out and sewed a few basic baby doll shapes. Essentially they were squat bowling pin shapes with the ends left open for stuffing. I put them in the summer bowl along with stuffing (one of Pia’s all time top 5 favorite things in the entire world) and some needles and thread.

When she discovered them this morning a slow smile crept across her face, that sort of look like she is in on some very fun secret. She eagerly set about stuffing the dolls, but when it came time to stitch up the bottoms she gave up pretty quick, shoving the mess in my hands and saying “you do it”. Initially I tried to coax her back to the task, showing her how to do the simple stitches, but it quickly became clear that the reason she didn’t have patience for stitching up the dolls was because she was already working on her part of the plan. She had spied my basket of scrap fabric and set about making beds and pillows for each of the dolls.

She was very happy with her little beds and showed me how to make them, step by step: “first you fold it like this, and then like this… there you’re doing it!”  Very cute. She then tucked all her new babies into bed and said sweet things to each of them.

And by then we were sweating buckets and were driven downstairs for the remainder of the day.


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  1. Just found your blog and this is so sweet! I’m not a great sewer, but maybe I could handle this one. Such a very nice project to do on those rainy or too hot days!


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