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the frogs are put to work

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At a flea market a few years back we found some very cool frog hooks, which we didn’t really have a use for but couldn’t pass up because they were just too cute. We only bought three (sad, sad, sad) and eventually they found a home in Pia’s room where they have hung out and done very little heavy lifting for the past two years. All that has changed now as I have finally gotten around to sewing wall pockets for Pia to stow all her little treasures in.

I first tried making wall pockets for Baby George’s room, using the pattern for the fabulous Kidlet bags by JCasa *handmade, but because I didn’t use stiff interfacing (because I was too lazy to go to the store to get some) they turned out a bit saggy. Still being quite a lazy person and therefore still not wanting to go to the store, I decided to come up with a different plan that would make non-saggy wall pockets without interfacing. The answer? Cardboard, which we have in spades. This time I just made a very basic bag (basically a small pillow case) instead of the more 3-dimensional shape of the Kidlet which has a bottom and sides. Between the lining and the exterior fabric of the back of the bag I slipped in a piece of cardboard before I stitched the two fabrics together.  Of course, being lazy I didn’t take the time to cut my cardboard pieces to the exact same size, so this one lays nice and flat because it has a larger piece of cardboard in it:

And this one gets a bit pucker-y at the top because it has a smaller piece of cardboard. On the plus side, this one was easier to sew around the top.


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  1. Anne (robin's high school friend)

    Awhile back you made bottle cap magnets with clear nail polish. I would love to make some of those, how did you do that?? Do you mind sharing your secrets for making these?

    • but of course! With a 1″ paper punch I cut cute pictures out of old story books (but any paper would work I’d think… though I did learn after the fact that any print on the flip side of the picture sometimes bleeds through). I used glue dots to secure the little picture to the inside of the bottle cap (again, trial and error, I originally didn’t think that I needed to secure them to the bottom, thinking the weight of the resin or nail polish would hold down the paper, but the paper ended up floating up to the surface. odd.) Then, with a smile of pure glee, I poured clear nail polish up to the brim of the bottle cap, right over the picture and let it dry overnight. The basic clear nail polish that I had worked best. On some of them did a half and half, half clear nail polish and half glitter polish, but that obscured the picture too much. And I did try some really sheer pink nail polish that I had and that didn’t work great because the picture ended up looking fuzzy. But they all hardened up just like resin would. It is, hands down, the best use for nail polish I have found 🙂 If only there was more polish in those little bottles! Perhaps I should try my hand at a tutorial. hmmmm.


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