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This is why I don’t plan craft projects

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Tea has never shown much interest in doing anything crafty.  For him, craft time is strictly an excuse to create a mess (smearing ink and paint on himself instead of paper) or build/destroy things with art supplies (like making towers of markers, stacking rubber stamps, and peeling all the paper from crayons).

Despite this, I thought I could entice him to make a finger puppet theater, similar to the one Courtney and Pia made.  I cut a long oval out of one side of a small shoe box – my plan was to have this hole be the access point for the finger puppets into which they could peek up into their theater.  I cut some rectangles of paper for Tea to decorate with different “back-drops” so we could do scene changes.  I had additional, more elaborate plans for making it all cute and very theater-esque if Phase One went according to plan.  It did not.

Tea humored me for 12 seconds and slap-dash scribbled one of the pieces of paper.  He then piled all of the puppets inside the box and covered it with multiple sheets of scratch paper.  I was instructed to “be quiet – they’re sleeping in their house”.

He spent the remainder of the morning caring for the animals in their new home.  The puppet theater-turned house became a cave, then a zoo, then a home again, where the animals apparently feasted heavily on marshmallows.  My child does not lack for creativity; I just need to give up and toss the art supplies.


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  1. Just think how boring it would be if he just followed your crafty directions… it is way cooler that he thinks up his own scenarios. And it wasn’t a train!

  2. reminds me of Q so much.


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